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Yukie - Simple Purity of Snow

Yukie’s expression shows her intense concentration. She is a Shirabyoshi Dancer and is preparing for the most difficult performance of her life. The rigorous preparation for this evening includes a specially made second ornate Obi which she carries over her arm. She is wearing Geta sandals and holds a ceremonial fan. The entertainment is to begin in moments. Yukie is dressed in a Kimono and Obi made from a mix of varied patterned brocades and silks. A tall conical cap decorated with flowers rests atop her head, with dangling side tassels. 

Original One-Of-A-Kind Mixed Media Figures​

These figures are totally hand made. Faces are sculpted from paper clay, fired and painted. Bodies are made from wool felt, all clothing is hand made, as well as shoes and boots. Their hair is Yuk fur. No figure will ever be reproduced. Each is a hand-made concept whose story evolves as the figure does. When the figure is complete, so is the story.


Taria - Russian Tender of the Fowl


Taria lives in a hidden forest where she tends her friends, the fowl. The floor is carpeted with the nests of birds collected from all over the world; birds brought here to be bred to produce the special eggs. Her companion, Eagle Beak, the giant fowl, passes the secret to the few deemed worthy. The eggs are magical; they possess healing powers when prepared with certain herbs grown in the grotto below the forest. The secret has passed thru Taria’s family for generations. Taria’s clothing is a mix of fanciful fabrics, with felts, yarns, feathers, charms and beads, over a grapevine shirt, the perfect place for her friends to catch a ride. She carries a walking stick with one of her precious fowl perched a top.

Aliena - Jongleur

Aliena is a medieval French Jongleur. The role of the jongleur included that of musician, juggler, and acrobat, as well as reciter of literary works that were often of their own composition or history. Aliena has acquired tales of the past from generations of her forefathers. All have been nomadic jongleurs. Children flock to hear her stories and remember them long after she leaves; they pass them on to their children. Many have never been committed to paper and live only thru her and her protégées. The jester hat, rarely worn, speaks of the importance of her treasured historic stories. Aliena’s clothing is rich silks and velvets. Her beautiful hair is Yak fur. Aliena’s head and feet are hand-made from paperclay and hand-painted.

Katie O’Malley - Pirate


Katie O’Malley made ground on a deserted stretch of Jamaican coast early morning 1593. After evading the English pirate ships, she was at last alone to retrieve the treasure she desperately needed. Her lover, Calico Jack, was being held prisoner by a neighboring chieftain in their homeland at Clew Bay on the west coast of Ireland. He was to be executed for piracy in 10 days unless Katie could buy his freedom from the corrupt chieftain. Katie’s face, hands and boots are hand-made from paperclay and hand-painted. She wears velvet, lace, and a waistcoat with a vintage watch and antique charm jewelry. Her treasure chest is filled with tiny treasures & hand-made doubloons.

Zola - Witch of Crows    SOLD

Zola’s hat is topped with reindeer moss and a circling bat, serving as radar watching for any unscrupulous witches trying to seduce one of Zola’s prize crows. These crows grow to an unusually large size and possess the power to fly their future owners over enormous distances, immense walls of granite, rough terrain, rivers & mountains, in only minutes. Witches wait for years to possess one of these precious crows, but Zola gives them away only to a witch who attains a certain enlightenment as to the priority of use. The lineage and training are highly guarded secrets known only to Zola and members of the flock (the fowl). Zola’s clothing is a mix of fanciful dark fabrics down to her buckle shoes. She carries her charm wand and broom, surrounded by her flock of majestic crows. Her hands and face are made of fabric and hand-painted.

Quetzal - Descendant of phoenix high priestess Azel

Quetzel and her entourage of two red birds (the only descendants of the All Seeing/All Knowing Ones), are housed in the precious carriage. They proceed on a quest in search of the Magic Feather. It was lost, or stolen, in the last millennium on a night of unusual darkness, when a stupendous light lit the sacred nest for only a second, the All Seeing/All Knowing Ones discovered he feather was missing! Its recovery will bring peace back to the winged sovereign nations. Quetzal’s clothing is a mix of fanciful feathers, charms, tokens and beads setting off the iridescent fabrics of her clothing. She carries a walking stick covered with jewels, magic charms and crystals. Her face is paperclay, hand-painted and

covered with feathers.

AkikoAutumn Child


Akiko’s Chin Dog, Siku, accompanies her on her walk down the old tile walkway thru the reindeer moss. They pass a cherry tree and an ancient temple beside the crumbling path. She walks this long journey every week, despite the distance, to honor her ancestors at their family temple on the edge of the village. Akiko ponders

how many have passed this way before them in the hundreds of years since the temples were built. The walk helps her savor the beauty and scents of her native homeland. Akiko’s Kimono and Obi are beautiful varied patterns of brocades and silks. Her hands and face are hand-made from paperclay and hand-painted.

Grizelda - and her Pet Rat


Grizelda is accompanied by her pet rat and bodyguard, Razputtin. He and her raven, Ziggy, insisted on accompanying Grizelda everywhere since the day the Black Witch came to inhabit their land. Now, no respectable witch dare go out alone in fear of being overpowered and vanishing into the unknown. The storm clouds that roll overhead and the jagged peaks and fissures at the edge of the village are all more ominous since the Black Witch’s arrival. Everyone is on guard. Grizelda’s clothing includes feathers, skulls & bones, topped off with a fancifulhat and a waistcoat with grizzly, furry buttons. Razputtin, with his black onyx beady eyes, is made of grey fur covering his clay and wire body. Grizelda’s face, hands and witchey shoes are hand-made from paperclay and hand-painted.

Teagan - Wood Nymph Escorting the Precious Egg

Teagan, the wood nymph, pulls the white birch stick yoke to a grape vine cart crowned with a feathered chicken head. Inside rests the Sacred Egg, which is guarded by many well-trained guard-fowl. She is escorting the Precious Egg to its future birth ground. The Egg dreams of fanciful flight, future days in the magical forest by the grotto spring of it’s birth, when all winged creatures will live in peaceful harmony. A nearby waterfall echoes bird song while they proceed thru the rough passage. Only one sacred egg is born every 100 years. Teagan has hands and face made of fabric and hand-painted. Her clothing is a mix of warm fabrics, leathers and beads. Her hair is natural yarn, her headdress is almost a nest, a resting place for tiny friends.

Sadie - Flower Peddler   SOLD


Sadie is a nomadic flower peddler traveling with all her belongings. Her heritage is northern

European; her family have always been entrepreneurs taking pride in their products. Sadie chooses only the perfect flowers with very rich colors and wonderful fragrance. Her customers recognize the beauty and quality and seek her out.  Sadie has the best spot on the cobblestone road leading to the heart of town. All who stop praise the beautiful new bouquets Sadie finds to offer each day. She is prepared to move every night, it’s in her case the wind blows her to a new adventure. Sadie’s face, hands and shoes are hand-made from paperclay and hand-painted. She has a hand-tatted peasant blouse as well as her treasured cameo and hand-made quilt.

Wynter - Snow Princess


Wynter’s dominion is beyond the polar ice caps in a magical ice castle where she is surrounded by doves and woodbirds. Her time is spent giving sage advice and training to the hundreds of birds under her care. Only she and the unlightened fowl, now, possess the secret from millenniums past. On the eve of Christmas, under sheer darkness, thru daunting distances, they fly and cover all the lands of the earth with a light sparkle of Northern Light dust. Wynter is dressed in glistening fabrics and furs. She wears ice skates to glide across the frozen immensity of her land. She carries a fanciful wand covered with crystals and mirrors to reflect the Northern Lights. Her hands and face are hand-made from paperclay and hand-painted.

Amari - Having Great Strength


Amari’s mother gave her this name meaning “having great strength” in hopes of her daughter surviving strong and happy in a land often hard and cruel. Amari’s talent with cloth and her business sense have made her prosper. She batiks the most intricate, beautiful fabric to be found in the region. The beads and trims she makes are perfection. She is on her way to market where all her things will be sold instantly. Amari has become well-known as an esteemed artist in her land. Amari’s head and feet are hand-made from paperclay and hand-painted. She wears a colorful mix of fabrics, authentic African trade-beads, and a cape of rabbit fur.

Nerina - Sea Nymph   SOLD


Nerina is still a young nymph spending her days frolicking with the fish and gathering seaweed bouquets. She knows that soon her life calling will begin. After her 18th birthday her gifts will develop and she will become one of the beautiful mythical creatures helping sailors fight perilous storms and rescuing those lost at sea.  Nerina’s mother and sisters share a wonderful power of prophesying, Narina has shown signs that she may follow in their footsteps and will be sought by many to predict the changing tides, weather and future events. Nerina’s face and shoes are hand-made from paperclay and hand-painted. She is atop a golden fish covered with tumbled sea glass and shells. Her clothes are shining fabrics and sequins. Her hair is Yak fur. Shells adorn her shoes and headdress.

Black Magic Woman and Cirque du Soleil are all mirano wool fiber.

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