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In Your Eye Gallery, in the Historic Paseo Arts District, is pleased to present
“The Dog and Pony Show,” featuring circus-inspired paintings by Oklahoma artists Diana J. Smith and Kristen Vails. The opening reception is Friday, March 1, from 6:00pm-10:00pm. The show runs through Sunday, March 31, 2013.

A current interpretation of the dog and pony shows of yesteryear, Smith & Vails capture the time-honored tradition of animal performance in their newest paintings. Smith’s playful dogs, sporting circus hats and costumes, perform amazing feats: jumping, dancing and balancing balls. She explains, “Dogs are natural clowns. Give them the spotlight and they go all out: showing off and trying to please. It’s been fun capturing that playful spirit.”

From rowdy, rodeo trick horses to the ballet-like movement of dressage horses, Kristen Vails’ acrylic paintings portray the spirit of the equine. “Creating work for this show has been so inspiring, ” says Vails, “it’s given me the opportunity to depict some of the most beautiful displays of movement and energy by these highly-skilled animals.”

Come one, come all! The amazing “The Dog and Pony Show” is only in town one month: opening Friday, March 1, through Sunday, March 31.

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