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Each wizard comes with an offical Wizard's Journal.



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A Mythical Menagerie

– created to engage curious thought –


What are they? Wizards of course.

Each one the creation of a new species clothed in Celtic robes and topped with a proper wizarding hat. Some have companions, some are solitary. Their smug, playful grins assure you they have a secret you must seek. Curious, wise and possessing magical powers, these wizards exude a contagious sense of spirit that will be recognizable to any who have sought wisdom, have come to the aid of another or found themselves skeptical of an unknown. They personify us all.


The wizards are formed by hand. As I sculpt, each individual character develops. I fire on decals of my own design, paint fabric-like patterns with under-glazes, and apply multiple stains to achieve their antique appearance. Some call for additional elements — wire, leather, fur, gemstones, beads and charms — to complete their persona. Creating them is illustrating a fairy tale in my imagination.            

                                                                                  — Diana J. Smith


Wizard’s Journal

– The Exalted Tome Of Quests –


Long ago, in a time when animals talked like people, and the world was full of wonders, there existed a group of powerful and most magical wizards. They lived in a lush green faraway land filled with towering mountains, dense forests, high jagged cliffs, surrounded by a wild, untamed sea. But a closer look caused you pause, they were curious indeed, no species of animal or man ever known. 


The words recorded in this exalted Tome were written by these extraordinary beings and may only be evident to those who have magic in their blood. This Tome only extends its pages to the quills of those whose hearts were born of the wizarding world. Those who may place the pen upon its pages must do so in consideration of only three things:


1. Those that turn the page of this great Tome shall be committed to the completion of a quest of grand proportion.


2. Adventurers and quest seekers alike must diligently make record of their journeys until each quest finds its completion.


3. Upon completion of that quest each shall pass this Tome to the hands of its next great scribe and shall, until that time, bear the weight of these great pages.


Beyond this page lie excerpts of entries from the greatest of questers. Those who dare may turn this page at their own peril.





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